Dear Sir or Madam,

The International Conference on The Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry will be held in Shanghai, China. From September 23 to 27,2008.

I am pleased to invite you attend the international conference on the Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry(TACC) to be held inShanghai, China in 2008.

Since the first applications of computer in chemistry in the early 1960's, "computational chemistry" has evolved today to be at the vanguard of most advances in chemistry, material science, physics, geology, biology and medicine. Its impact in chemistry can be noted from the fact that within four decades of its existence, five of the top ten most highly cited publications in 125 years of JACS are related to computational chemistry. Apart from technical advances in computers and algorithms, the phenomenal impact of computational chemistry is also due to the dedicated and sustained efforts of a large number of individuals. In this regard, we felt that it would be befitting to organize a symposium "Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry" in 2008 gathering nearly all of the world's leading exponents of computational chemistry. This event also follows previous successful TACC conferences, for example, 2004 TACC conference in Korea.

See you all in Shanghai!!


Dongqing Wei, Ph.D.

Conference Chair


Conference Chairman: Wei, Dongqing (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Conference Co-chairmen: Peslherbe, Gilles H.(Montreal), Hynes, James T. (Paris/Colorado)

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