The next TACC international congress, TACC-2016, will be held in 2016 in the United States of America in the West Coast, likely in July. Presently, we are working at selecting a site and a chairperson. Tentatively, we plan to follow the blue lines of TACC-2012. We plan to correct some of the shortcomings, like to have more than 250 participants, particularly from highly populated countries, be more international (only 39 countries were present in TACC-2012), to attract in average more young people and to increase the ratio women/men. The interdisciplinary character of the congress will be kept and stressed.

TACC-2016 is intended to be an international conference

  • for traditional computational chemistry, theories and applications
  • for newly emerging trends in computational chemistry
  • for research, particularly in computational chemistry, from centers with super-computer type facilities
  • for computations from areas different from computational chemistry but utilizing algorithms used also in computational chemistry
  • for exhibition of new electronic computers (from small to supercomputers)
  • for reports from computational chemistry software centers and vendors

Presently, an embryonic "organizing committee", composed mainly by TACC-2012 participants, includes: Rodney Bartlett (U. of Florida, USA), Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecký (Humboldt U., Germany), Jean-Luc Brédas (Georgia Tech. U., USA), Ria Broer (U. Groningen, The Netherlands), Vincenzo Carravetta (CNR-IPCF, Pisa, Italy), Michel Dupuis (Pacific Northwest National Lab., USA), Odile Eisenstein ( U. Montpellier, France), Fernando Flores (U. A. Madrid, Spain), Hajo Freund (Fritz-Haber, Max-Planck, Germany), Sihyun Ham (Sookmyung Women's U., Korea), Nick Harrison (Imperial College, London), Fahmi Himo (U. Stockholm, Sweden), Kimihiko Hirao (Riken, Tokyo, Japan), Zhong Jin (Chinese Academy of Science, China), Kwang S. Kim (Poh-ang U. Sci. Tech., Korea), Williams Lester, Jr (U. California, USA), Wenjiam Liu (U. Peking, China), Steve Louie (U.C. Berkeley, USA), Nancy Macri (U. Illinois, USA), Anne B. McCoy (Ohio State U., USA), Debashis Mukerjee (IACS. Res., India), Marco Antonio Nascimento (U.Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Antonio Rizzo (CNR-IPCF, Pisa, Italy), Marianne Rooman (U. Libre de Bruxelles), Marianne Safronova (U. Delaware, USA), Zhigang Shuai (Chinese Acad. Science, P.R. China), Gustavo E. Scuseria (Rice U., USA), Seiichiro Ten-no (Kobe U., Japan), Valentina Tozzini (CNR, Pisa, Italy), Joanna Trylska (U. Warsaw, Poland), Janlan Wang (Southeast U., China), Dong-Qing Wei (U. Jiao Tong, Shangai, China), Claudio M. Zicovich-Wilson (U. Morelos, Mexico).

For the location we are looking for a site for about 400-500 participants, with one large plenary conference room and additional 4 large conference rooms for the planned quadruple sessions. The location should have easy accessible lodging and dining facilities.

You are very welcome to come to the TACC-2016 International Congress. If you were at the TACC-2012 Congress, we hope you will bring from your country to the West Coast a few computational chemists not present at TACC-2012.

Enrico Clementi