Proceedingd by the American Institute of Physics, AIP CP 1456

To further exemplify the topics of the Congress a proceeding volume has been published by the American Institute of Physics, AIP, with the title:

Theory and Applications in Computational Chemistry:

The First Decade of the Second Millennium

The volume is written by a number of invited speakers, who have volunteered to write, well in advance of the congress, a chapter in the American Institute of Physics Congress Proceedings, AIP CP 1456. Below we list the Content of AIP Conf. Proceedings:

Dedication to the Academic Editors of the International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
Enrico Clementi, Jean-Marie André, and J. Andrew McCammon, AIP Conf. Proc. 1456, pp. 1-1


Free access to the volume is limited to the registered participants at the TACC-2012 international congress. To access the above chapters, click on

then, to download the PDF of any one of the above files or chapters, click on “PDF” link.

The login ID is clementi2012 with password como.